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Edit Pricing Rules

To specify how a product is priced when certain conditions are met:

  1. From the product list on the Pricing Updates homepage, select the product.

  2. From the 3-dot menu on the right of the product row, select Edit Pricing Rules.

  3. From the Pricing Rules window, select Add Product Pricing Rule.

  4. From the Pricing Rule window, define the product pricing rule.


  1. From the Pricing Rule form, locate the General section.

  2. In the Name field, type a name for the pricing rule.

  3. Toggle Tax Inclusive to On if all applicable taxes are included in the price.

    When enabled, tax is not applied to the price when the product is added to an order.

  4. From the Price Adjustment field, select the desired method for adjusting the standard item price:

    • Replace – Replace the standard price with a specified price.

    • Amount - Adjust the standard price by a specified amount.

  5. From the Adjustment Value field, specify the price/amount by which the standard price is adjusted.

Roll Up Parent Pricing

From the Roll Up Price dropdown, select the applicable option. The selected option determines how the product price is rolled up into a parent product price.



Do Not Roll Up

Do NOT roll up the price to the parent product price.

Roll Up After Tax

Roll up the price to the parent product price AFTER tax is applied.

Roll Up Before Tax

Roll up the price to the parent product price BEFORE tax is applied.


Define at least one (1) condition for the pricing rule.

  1. From the Pricing Rule form, locate the Conditions section.

  2. Toggle Any Order Sources to the desired value:

    • Yes - Apply the rule regardless of the order source.

    • No - Only apply the rule with certain order sources. From the Order Sources dropdown, select the applicable order source(s).

  3. Toggle Any Time Period to the desired value:

    • Yes - Apply the rule regardless of the time period.

    • No - Only apply the rule during certain time periods. From the Time Periods dropdown, select the applicable time period(s).


    If an order is entered and saved at the POS during one time period and tendered in another, the product pricing for the time period when the order was entered is used.

Save the Record

To save the pricing rule and return to the Pricing Updates homepage:

  1. From the lower-right of the Pricing Rule form, select Add Product Pricing Rules.

    • The pricing rule is added to the list of rules in the Pricing Rules section.

    • Select and drag the control to the left of each rule to sort the list by lowest-to-highest priority (where the rule at the top of the list has the highest priority).

  2. From the lower-right of the Pricing Rules form, select Done.

  3. From the upper-right of the Pricing Updates homepage, select Save Changes.


    From the Save Changes dropdown, select Add Changes to Package.