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Payment Genius

Xenial Cloud Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Hardware Peripherals

To define settings for a Genius payment device:

  1. From the upper-right of the Peripherals area, select New Peripheral.

  2. From the Peripheral Type dropdown, select Payment.

  3. From the Peripheral Schema dropdown, select Genius.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Locate the Peripheral Type section.

    • Toggle Active to Active if the device is available for use at the site.

    • Multi-site users: From the right of the field, select the globe icon to define values for each site.

  6. Locate the Peripheral Configuration section.



    Peripheral Name

    Type a name for the device.

    Payment Platform

    From the dropdown, select the processing application used by the device.


    From the dropdown, select the vendor associated with the device.


    From the dropdown, select the device model.

    Batch Timeout Seconds

    Type the number of seconds to wait to successfully process batch settlement commands before timing out.

    Enable SAF

    Toggle Yes if the device supports Store and Forward (SAF) offline transaction processing.

  7. Locate the Connection Configuration section.

    • In the IP field, type the IP address of the device.

    • In the Port field, type the COM port to which the device is connected.