Ordering Settings

Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings

The following describes how to configure the Xenial Ordering application using Data Management.

The editors used to configure the Ordering application are located in the Ordering Settings menu of Data Management. The Ordering Settings menu includes the following categories.





Configure products and product properties. Product properties include inventory locations and reporting categories.


Configure individual modifiers, and modifier groups and collections.

Menu Layout

Configure Ordering menus and menu components including menu categories and item groups.


Configure item and order-level discounts, coupons, and promotions.


Configure tax settings including tax rates, product tax groups, and tax jurisdictions.


Setup a donation for a charitable cause to which customers can make contributions at the Ordering application.


Configure hardware settings including terminal schemes and peripheral devices.


Configure company and site-specific Ordering settings including email and receipt templates.

About the Site Selector

Use the Site Selector to navigate and filter the list of company sites and select the specific sites to update.

After selecting sites, the record list of a Data Management editor only includes records that are mapped to those sites. For example, the Product List editor only lists product records that are mapped to the selected sites.

To open the Site Selector, select Select Sites located in the upper-right of the Data Management editor homepage.