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Xenial Portal Overview

Pin Menu Items

To pin frequently used Xenial Portal menu items:

  1. From the menu pane on the left, locate the menu item.

  2. Next to the menu item, select the pin icongray_pin_icon.png.

    • The item is pinned to the top of the menu.

    • The blue pin icon blue_pin_icon.png indicates it is pinned.


To unpin an item, select the blue pin icon next to the item.

Things to Know

What is the difference between users and roles? How are access permissions defined?

A "user" refers to a specific person who accesses company records on the Xenial Portal.

A "role" is a collection of access and editing permissions for the Xenial Portal, Data Management and Xenial Cloud applications. The relationship between a user and a company, or between a user and a site, is defined by the assigned role of the user.

To define permissions for a new Xenial role, see Define Role Permissions.

How is an account reset once it is locked out of the Xenial Portal?

After five (5) failed login attempts, a Xenial Portal user will be locked from their account. To reset Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for a locked user account, see Reset Locked Account.

What is the benefit of creating Site Hierarchies for a company on the Xenial Portal?

Use Site Hierarchies to define a hierarchical relationship between sites in the company and facilitate Sites management. User permissions to view reports and edit site settings are based on the respective level of the site in the hierarchy.

Is it possible to add custom services for sites on the Xenial Portal?

Service subscriptions are managed at the site and company level. To add a custom service integration for a site on the Xenial Portal, see Add Custom Service.

What is the process for refreshing POS data on a terminal from the Xenial Portal?

To ensure the terminals at a site are operating with the most current configuration data (e.g. product prices, discounts), an operator with the appropriate permissions may remotely download the latest Data Management updates to one or more terminals.

To refresh Xenial site data on one or more terminals, see Refresh Data.

What happens if a terminal is in use at a site at the time of a data configuration update?

The updated configuration data is downloaded and consumed between terminal transactions. If a terminal is in use at the time of the update, a notification is displayed in a popup window with the option to either accept the Refresh Data operation or postpone it until the terminal is no longer in use.

  • The cashier is able to postpone the Refresh Data operation for three (3) minutes or three (3) orders (whichever comes first) before the notification is displayed again.

  • Once the notification is displayed, the Refresh Data operation is initiated automatically if the cashier does not select an option within thirty (30) seconds.

  • If the Refresh Data operation is not accepted within fifteen (15) minutes after the first notification, the operation is automatically initiated without the option to postpone it.