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Report Manager

Report Manager Reports - All

The Report Manager provides access to reports for all the sites accessible by the user. Narrow down available reports by type or select directly. Once a report runs, it is available to be printed directly from the browser.

  1. Select a site or Store Group.

  2. Select a date or date range.

  3. From the Report Type dropdown, select the desired option to limit the report selections to a certain report type.

  4. Select the target report(s).

  5. Select View. The generated report opens in a new tab.

    • Select the printer icon to print the report or select the download icon to save the report to the local machine.

    • When applicable, select items (such as Paid Ins and Transfers) from the report to drill down into the items and view additinal details from the respective Xenial Back Office module.

Cashier Reporting

When Cash is selected from the Report Type dropdown, a Cashier Reporting button is available in the upper-right of the Report Manager homepage.

Select Cashier Reporting to access the Cashier Reporting utility. For more details about this utility, see Cashier Reporting.