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Deactivate a User

The Portal [Product Tab] Admin Options Manage Users

When a user is deactivated, a red DEACTIVATED status appears on their profile.

To deactivate a user from The Portal:

  1. From the preferred browser, navigate to The Portal.

  2. From the product tabs listed across the top of the page, select the appropriate product.

  3. From the menu list on the left, select Admin Options.

  4. From the options listed in the center of the page, select Manage Users.

  5. From the User List, select the user.

  6. Select Deactivate.

  7. From the top of the Manage Users panel, select Save Changes.

Additional information about deactivated users:

  • A deactivated user cannot login to The Portal. Their password and answer to their security question are also deactivated.

  • To reactivate a user, it is necessary to define a new password. The user may then change the assigned password and reenter the security question answer(s) in the Settings menu.