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Access Manager Overview



Group or User

Select a group or user to define their access permissions.

Default group names are italicized. Access permissions for default groups are predefined and cannot be changed.


New Group

Create a new group. The new group can optionally inherit the access permissions of a default group.


Group Name

Edit the name of a user-configured group. Default group names are not editable.


Menu, Application, Activity

Select a menu, application, or activity to define access permissions for the user/group. Use the + and - buttons to expand and collapse the lists.


Access Permission

Select the access permission for the corresponding menu, application, or activity.

Access permissions defined for an individual user override the permissions defined for the groups to which the user is assigned.

  • Allow - The user/group has full access.

  • Partial - The user/group has partial access.

  • Deny - The user/group is denied access.


User Group Assignment

Manage user group assignments.


Fold/unfold all

Expand/collapse all the lists to view all the defined access permissions for the selected user/group.


Save Changes

Save the configuration changes.