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Dashboard provides a real-time summary of device status and sales information at the site. The following describes the dashboard components.

Control Panel

Provides real-time status of each device at the site. Status information includes whether the device is online or offline, or whether a printer is low on paper.

To the left of each device is a colored bar that provides a visual indicator of the device status. A green bar indicates the device is online/active while a red bar indicates an issue exists.

If an issue exists with a device, please contact Xenial Support for assistance.

Performance Metrics

Add additional panels to the dashboard for an overview of real-time performance metrics, including Total Sales, Order Count, and Upsell Performance.

See Add Panel to Dashboard.

From the upper-right of the dashboard, select Auto-Refresh to automatically refresh the performance metrics to display the most current numbers.

Add Panel to Dashboard

Nextep Portal Dashboard

To add a performance metrics panel to Dashboard:

  1. From the upper-right of Dashboard, select Add Panel.

  2. From the Add a Panel window, select the performance metrics to include on the dashboard.

  3. From the lower-right of the Add a Panel window, select Save.