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Electronic Journal

This utility can be used to view and print all the transactions performed at the site. All orders from the current business date are loaded by default. The first order of the day is automatically displayed upon entering the utility.

  1. Access the Manager Functions menu using the procedure outlined in Accessing Manager Functions.

  2. Select Electronic Journal.

  3. The current day's orders display by default. Use the arrow buttons at the the bottom of the screen to scroll through the current day's orders. To search for an order outside of the current day or by a target parameter, use the procedure outlined in Stap 1.

  4. Select PRINT to print the order or PRN AUDIT to print the order with any Voids or Cancellations.

Searching Through the Electronic Journal

  1. Select SEARCH.

  2. Under Check Date, select a Starting and Ending date.

  3. If desired, refine the search using the following parameters:

    • Check Number

    • Check Time

    • Table No.

    • Register No.

    • Grill No.

    • Employee

    • Payment Type

    • Transaction Type

    • Amount

  4. To search by an item's name, select Item Description. A keyboard screen is displayed. Type the item's name. Select Accept to return to the main search screen.

  5. Select Search. The qualifying orders will display from oldest to newest.