Why Self Order Kiosk Placement Matters

Store layout influences ordering behavior. And ordering behavior can make the difference between a normal check average and a check average boosted by 15%.

We recently shared 10 compelling reasons to consider kiosks for your restaurant. Among them: 

  1. 65% of customers would visit an establishment more often if it had self-service kiosks.*

  2. 30% of customers prefer to order from a kiosk versus a cashier, even if the lines are equal in length.*

  3. 25% of restaurant customers have used a self-ordering kiosk at a restaurant within the past three months.*

At Xenial, we have years of experience researching customer ordering habits, studying store layouts, installing self-order kiosks, and tracking results for our kiosk customers. As you might expect, we’ve learned a thing or two.

Placement Matters, More Than You Think

Consider these stats:

  • Concepts with kiosks at the counter see more than 90% of orders come through kiosks, on average. 

  • Concepts with kiosks off to the side or farther from the counter see on average 20 – 30% of orders come through kiosks.

  • A pair of kiosks outperforms a single kiosk by a factor of 3!

Why does location matter? Consider this hypothetical study. 

Let’s Compare

Let’s compare Store 1 and Store 2. Each had 100 customers come in for lunch today.

The two stores are identical, except for the placement of their kiosks.

Comparison details:

  • At Store 1, 25 customers ordered at the kiosks. 

  • At Store 2, 95 customers ordered at the kiosks. 

  • Customers who used kiosks were exposed to automated upsell. 

Kiosks Boost Check Averages When They Are Well Placed

The customers who ordered at kiosks spent an average of 15% more than those who ordered with a cashier. 

The Results Are In: How Does a $36K Annual Revenue Boost Sound?

Store 2 experiences about $100 more in sales per day at lunch. Over the span of a year, that’s a $36,500+ revenue boost. Just at lunch time.

As you can see, kiosk placement matters. And with customers becoming increasingly comfortable and familiar with self-service and self-order, kiosks can be a great investment that pays ROI rapidly. In fact, restaurant chains that have Xenial kiosks find that the innovative features increase profits enough to provide a full ROI within 6-8 months (on average).

Ready To Make Self-Order Tech A Part Of Your Concept?

Talk to us about your goals. Our team of experts can help you ensure that your kiosk strategy is a success, now and in the future. 




* https://www.forbes.com/sites/aliciakelso/2019/07/30/self-order-kiosks-are-finally-having-a-moment-in-the-fast-food-space/#7e0a56a54275