Why Email Marketing is Still a Critical Tool in your Customer Engagement Tool Belt

With 99% of consumers accessing their personal inbox every day, the return on investment for email marketing is proven daily.

Despite the popularity and buzz heaped on social media platforms today, social media is not the preferred way most consumers shop for promotions and deals. Research compiled by Campaign Monitor reveals that 72% of people would rather receive brand content through email, while just 17% look to social media platforms for specials.

So if customer outreach and marketing is one of the many to-do’s on your list, consider email marketing. Here are a few more compelling stats:

  • 44% of people check their email for a deal from a company they know, whereas only 4% will go to Facebook.
  • 99% of consumers access their personal inbox every day—not just once, but an average of 20 times across mobile and desktop
  • 62% of consumers check their mobile devices for missed calls, messages, and emails first thing in the morning

The return on investment for email marketing has been proven again and again.

Automatically Push Coupon Reminders When Customers are Near Your Store

For a long time, email marketing has been the most effective way to incentivize your best customers to spend more money with you, win back diners who haven’t been to your business in a while, and attract people that have never visited. 

With advancements in payments technologies, though, email has become even more effective with the ability to insert personalized coupons and offers. 

Vendors, including Xenial, make it easy to insert coupons and offers into your emails. We also partner with Google Pay to make it easy for recipients to save the coupon to Google Pay. Geofencing enables an alert when a customer comes close to your store, to remind them that they have a coupon waiting in their Google Pay wallet.

Secrets to Success with Email

It takes more than great food to get customers into your restaurant. It also takes a healthy serving of email marketing. Here are tips borrowed from successful email marketers:

  • If you have a clever email containing a special offer, coupon, sale announcement, or special birthday (or other) greeting waiting in your customers’ inbox, you are one step ahead of your competitor who doesn’t.
  • Messages that resonate, enticing offers, and good subscriber experiences can all lead to great long-term relationships with your customers/email subscribers.
  • Behind each name and email address on your subscriber list is a real person. You may desire to sell, sell, sell, but remember to do everything you can to make a personal connection with each touchpoint, and you are more likely to win hearts and minds long-term.
  • When you subscribe to an email tool, you are entering into a partnership with a vendor. And how they treat you can determine how successful you are and how easy it is to get help if you need it. Plus, you want a tool with powerful capabilities that aren’t hard to figure out and also give you insights into your customers to help you market effectively.

Final Thoughts

Xenial helps leading brands market to the right people, at the right time with the most effective offers. 

Do you want to win new customers, and keep them coming back? 

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