Xenial Partners with Palmer Digital Group

Xenial, a Global Payments Company, announced a partnership with Palmer Digital Group, an innovative provider of restaurant ordering hardware.

Xenial announced a partnership with Palmer Digital Group (PDG). In this partnership, PDG will supply custom canopies and enclosures for Xenial digital signage in the drive-thru.

“Xenial serves some of the world’s most innovative brands with custom restaurant solutions,” said Scott Meyer, President of Xenial. “We’re excited to partner with a company that shares this same vision and has the expertise to deliver products to help drive the consumer experiences our clients are asking for.”

In spring 2021, Xenial launched its Next-Gen Drive Thru, which meets QSR guest demands for higher velocity service in the drive thru. Xenial Next-Gen Drive-thru uses a camera-vision-based timer and a Next-Gen Controller that powers the timer system as well as Voice Bot ordering and an AI-powered recommendation engine. A true ‘hub’ for the drive-thru, the Controller also includes ports to connect all existing drive-thru hardware such as speakers and microphones.

“While others have been talking about the ‘drive-thru of the future,’ Xenial has been busy building it,” adds Meyer.

PDG designs, engineers, and customizes kiosks, drive-thru canopies, and menu board enclosures for some of the world’s most recognized restaurant brands. 

“Our designers and engineers are top-notch, which is the reason we can develop custom solutions that perfectly match a company’s brand,” said Charles Lewis, Vice President of Business Development and Sales at PDG. “We’re excited to work with Xenial to deliver the Xenial Next-Gen Drive-Thru and the awesome ordering experiences today’s innovative restaurant brands need.”

About Xenial

Global Payments’ acquisition of XPIENT, Heartland Payment Systems, and SICOM Systems has created a hospitality innovation and services powerhouse now called Xenial. The name Xenial comes from the ancient Greek word for hospitality. Cloud-native Xenial technologies span front to back of house, drive-thru, omnichannel/digital ordering and beyond, and currently power 25 of QSR Magazine’s top 50 brands across 62 countries. Learn more about Xenial.

About PDG

Palmer Digital Group specializes in custom indoor and outdoor digital kiosks, display enclosures, and drive-thru digital menu boards. The company offers installation services for its range of products, as well as content management services for menu boards and kiosks. Learn more about PDG.