Frisch’s Selects Xenial as its Digital Menu Board Partner

Frisch’s is installing Xenial Outdoor Digital Menu Boards in all 87 drive-thru locations.

Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants and Xenial announced a partnership to replace existing static printed menus with Xenial Digital Menu Boards. By the end of Summer 2021, the bright, engaging Outdoor Digital Menu Boards from Xenial will serve guests in 62 locations, with the remaining 25 Frisch’s drive-thru locations to receive Digital Menu Boards in the months that follow.

In six locations, the brand also is running a pilot of the Xenial Drive-thru Director timer system. Besides measuring and reporting speed of service to team members and managers, and encouraging friendly inter-store competition to speed up service times, Xenial Drive-thru Director integrates with the DMB platform to coordinate the timing of full-screen takeovers of the drive-thru menu boards. When there is no drive-thru traffic, all three screens combine to become a ‘billboard’ of sorts to run an ad for the latest promo or LTO, for example. The full-screen takeover can capture the attention of passersby and even encourage foot traffic and sales between the typical crunch times. 

Frisch’s partnered with Xenial because the company wanted to give guests a more engaging, modern experience, and help speed up drive-thru service times.

“Our menu offerings don’t exactly match either the traditional QSR or casual dining concepts, with a lot of our menu items made-to-order,” says Alison O’Keefe, Vice President of Marketing for Frisch’s. “To take some of the pressure off speed of service, we hope that having digital menu boards in place brand-wide will help us refine the menu and steer guests toward quick-prep options, reducing wait times, and ultimately giving guests a better experience.”

O’Keefe said she has three primary goals for implementing the menu boards: 

  1. Refine the drive-thru menu, iteratively, to increase speed of service and incremental sales, including experimenting with late-night options.
  2. Increase order value through suggestive selling. “Even though we know our team members do this, the DMBs reinforce it, visually, with high-resolution graphics and animation,” said O’Keefe. “And if the team member does happen to forget, the DMB does suggestive selling automatically.”
  3. A lot of testing and learning including things like market pricing, dayparting, menu offerings, promos, and suggestive sell tactics.

Frisch’s selected Xenial based on the two companies’ long-standing partnership as well as built-in integrations between the Xenial POS and the Xenial menu board platform. Long before selecting Xenial for ODMBs and Drive-thru Director, Frisch’s used a Xenial Point of Sale solution.

About Frisch’s Big Boy

Frisch's Big Boy is a regional Big Boy restaurant chain with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. For many years a Big Boy franchisee, in 2001, Frisch's became the exclusive owner of the Big Boy trademark in Indiana, Kentucky, and most of Ohio and Tennessee. Learn more about Frisch’s.

About Xenial

Global Payments’ acquisition of XPIENT, Heartland Payment Systems, and SICOM Systems has created a hospitality innovation and services powerhouse now called Xenial. The name Xenial comes from the ancient Greek word for hospitality. Cloud-native Xenial technologies span front to back of house, drive-thru, omnichannel/digital ordering and beyond, and currently power 25 of QSR Magazine’s top 50 brands across 62 countries. Our technology solutions are used in tens of thousands of quick serve and fast casual restaurants worldwide. Learn more about Xenial.